Plast Italia IPlast 105 EF Control Unit

  • Barcode scanning and manual time entry
  • Fitting size range 16mm- 1600mm
  • 2m output lead
  • 4.0mm to 4.7mm terminals ends Adaptors supplied
  • Data recording of weld records
  • Plastfast Technology Faster Weld and Cool Down Times* Plast Italia Fittings up to 355mm only


The full technical specification will be available soon!

Simple, intuitive interface
I Plast has been designed for intuitive, straightforward use. The use of icons allows you to find all the information you need with a simple click

Mechanical durability
I Plast is the only welding machine in the world built with a die-cast aluminum frame for use in all types of work sites

Made to keep going
I Plast works longer than other welding machines because it has been designed to achieve maximum efficiency from energy exchange

Can be used on any generator
I Plast is built with 2 processors: one for the user interface and one for welding. For this reason, I Plast lasts to the end of the work day.

The IPlast 105 Electrofusion Welder gives you functionality, reliability and affordability and is capable of welding fittings up to 1600mm. With barcode scanning and manual data entry, this welder is an industry standard.

The Plast Italia range of EF welders feature a die-cast aluminum frame to quickly disperse heat keeping the machine cooler and working for longer in hot conditions



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