WorldPoly315 LF



Welding range 90 to 315mm to SDR 9 (PN20) according to DVS 2207-1, ISO 21307 and POP003 low-pressure specifications.
Complete and ready to weld – Genuine 2 year warranty on parts
Included as standard (unless otherwise specified):
– Main frame, including 4 light weight pressure-cast alloy main clamps of 315mm diameter
– Removable cast Aluminium electric facing tool with current overload protection
– Electrohydraulic pump with controls, and quick release hoses. Includes countdown timers for heating and cooling phases
– PTFE coated heating plate with electronic temperature control and electric facing tool
– Stand for heating plate and facing tool.
– Tool box including tools, bolts, selected spare parts, etc
– Wired ready to accept Worldpoly or other data logger.
Net weight 225 kg


Total cylinder area: 20cm² , maximum pump pressure 60 bar


230 volt 50/60 Hz 1 phase, 5.35 kw, 27 A.
Requires generator minimum: 230 volt – 6 KVA. Provide full machine details to generator supplier before purchase.
Australia only – This machine is supplied with 2 x 15 amp plugs requiring two power supply sockets


Clamp options include (machine can be supplied with any combination of liner diameters):
– Layer clamps: 315×280, 280×250, 250×225, 225×200, 200×180, 180×160, 160×140, 140×125, 125×110, 110×90.
– 2-piece liners: 315×280, 315×250, 315×225, 315×200, 315×180, 315×160, 160×140, 160×125, 160×110, 160×90.
– Narrow clamps: 315×280, 315×250, 315×225, 315×200, 315×180, 315×160, 315×140, 315×125, 315×110, 315×90.
Optional Aluminium or steel stub end device for butt welding end fittings. Optional wheeled trolley available.

Worldpoly315 hydraulically operated HDPE pipe butt welding machine, suitable for PE and PP pipes and fittings from 90 to 315mm OD. Butt welding can be carried out between clamps 3 & 4 for tees, bends and manifold work, and the fusion machine can be immediately integrated with optional data logger. Able to cope with out-of-round pipe and less than perfect site conditions better than the Europeans, and with parts and service readily available, Worldpoly315 poly pipe fusion machine will be providing you with excellent service for years. Worldpoly315 HDPE welding machine. When you want a polyethylene pipe fusion machine that will provide excellent HDPE pipe fusion for years, but don’t want to pay a fortune.



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