Wask Equipment

  • Pipe Range PE 125-400mm Ø / Steel 80/100-400mm Ø
  • Gas free working
  • Maximum allowable main pressure 1.5psi
  • Metallic and PE pipes
  • Interchangeable Noses and Shoes for correct positioning
  • 56mm Cut Hole Ø
  • Supplied as kit
  • Incorporated 1″ vent and purge valve
  • Easy replacement of Stopper Bag in case of failure


Pipe Size Range PE 125-400mm Ø
Pipe Size Range Steel 80/100-400mm Ø
Maximum Allowable Main Pressure 1.5psi
Max Bag Inflation Pressure 3psi
Cur Hole Diametre 56mm Ø

This latest generation equipment enables a temporary flow of gas to be provided around a section of polyethylene or ferrous main which is undergoing maintenance or repair. The WASK Equipment comprises a Canopy enclosing the Bagtube which is mounted on the Teeset base, enabling a Stopper Bag to be inserted through a tapping into the main and inflated to stop the flow of gas.

Sets of interchangeable Noses and Shoes permit the Stopper Bag to be correctly positioned relative to the centre line of the main. Positive support of the inflated Stopper Bag against the gas pressure is provided by the Nose and Shoe assembly. In the event of the Stopper Bag failure, replacement is simple, quick and safe.

Incorporated within the Bypass Head is a 1″ vent and purge valve and a 3/8″ valved pressure test probe which can be inserted through the main tapping into the full gas flow.

Component Map
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PE 125-400mm Ø / Steel 80/100-400mm Ø WASK Gas Equipment



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