Pipe Towing Heads

  • Pipe range 25-450mm Ø
  • Expanding action covers most SDR pipe ratings
  • Strain tested towing eyebolts
  • Zinc plated for corrosion protection
  • Fully reusable
  • High quality robust construction


Pipe Size Range 25-450mm Ø
Other sizes available upon request.

Caldertech’s range of Towing Heads provide a quick, simple and reliable method of attaching a winch wire, or other pulling device to a plastic pipe.

Towing Heads avoid the need to cut into the pipe or the fusing of additional fittings in order to gain a pulling fixture. All Towing Heads are reusable and based on the “Vick” expanding internal gripper design which works on the principle that the harder the pull the tighter the grip.

Towing Head Cable Connection Aids

25mm Ø SDR11/17
32mm Ø SDR11/17
40mm Ø SDR11/17
50mm Ø SDR11/17
55mm Ø SDR11/17
63mm Ø SDR11/17/21
75mm Ø SDR11/17
90mm Ø SDR11/17/21
110mm Ø SDR11/17
125mm Ø SDR11/17/21
140mm Ø SDR11/17/21
160mm Ø SDR11/17
180mm Ø SDR11/17/21
200mm Ø SDR11/17
200mm Ø SDR21
213mm Ø SDR11/17
213mm Ø SDR26
225mm Ø SDR11/17
250mm Ø SDR11/17
250mm Ø SDR21
280mm Ø SDR11/17
280mm Ø SDR21
315mm Ø SDR11/17
315mm Ø SDR21/26
355mm Ø SDR11/17
400mm Ø SDR17.6
450mm Ø SDR11



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